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La Alianza is located in the exceptionally green valley towards the beach near the small town of El Pescadero. Drive by lush fields of basil, chilies, lilies and more to reach this magical beach-side location.

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The artists town of Todos Santos is an easy 10 minute drive from La Alianza. Here you can shop for mexican artifacts,  check out the many galleries, find a variety of places to eat (from fine dining to taco stands), grocery stores, surf shops, town square and more. There are also many festivals here throughout the year and other cultural happenings.

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Not only is the turtle the decorative theme for La Alianza Baja which includes  design details in the shape of turtles and a turtle fountain, but actual turtles can be found on the beach very near to our location. Turtle conservation is big in this area and some times of the year you can enjoy participating in the release of baby turtles, and watch as they make their way down the beach and out to sea.  Typically early morning & sunset releases of baby turtles (Olive Ridley) will occur on our beach from Sep-Dec. It is a unique experience and amazing to think only 2% of the nursery hatchlings will survive to breeding age in around 16 yrs. In any given year as many as 10,000 eggs could be relocated to this nursery. For those more dedicated as hands-on volunteers during mid-evening and early morning hours (Oct-Feb), night recons to collect eggs from our largest turtle (Leatherback) is a thrilling experience. La Alianza offers a 10% accommodations discount vacation package to learn about local efforts, participate in night recons or “adopt a turtle” donations. For more info about Leatherback local club efforts:

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Todos Santos Eco Adventures and  Explora Baja both offer a variety of sea adventures many on the other side of the peninsula near to La Paz. Boat trips, snorkeling, swimming with Whale Sharks, swimming with Sea Lions, Whale watching in Magdelena Bay and more…

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Hierbabuena, a very special farm-to-table restaurant, is always a favorite and is located about a mile away from La Alianza. (closed Tuesdays)

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Other fine dining in Todos Santos includes: Cafe Santa Fe (Italian Food $$$)(located at the town square), Tre Galline, Guyacura Rooftop restaurant, La Copa (at the historic Todos Santos Inn) Other fun dining in Todos Santos includes La Esquina Cafe, Gallo Azul (pizza and salads mostly)… both of these host many an evening events which often include live music and dancing.

Other fine dining in the Pescadero area includes Carlitos ($$$) (in the town of Pescadero) and FreeSouls Rooftop Restaurant (at the beach at Los Cerritos–take a dip in their rooftop, salt-water infinity pool while you wait for your food) ($$$)

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Within walking distance from La Alianza: Baja Zen yoga (schedule: M. W, F and Sundays at 9 am … summer schedule W, F and Sundays at 9 am)

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